Monday, September 21, 2009


*e*'s Q34 - How do you create your nest?

I did very little to this. I started with a photo of a bird nest I found in August in P.E.I. I had really wanted to bring it home, but just couldn't see how on the plane, so I settled for taking some pictures. I loved the weight of it in my hand, examining it, it looked so miraculous. Scrapbook embellishments and ink. The back reads: With wood for strength, leaves for warmth, mud to remind us we are born of the earth, fresh air to help our spirits soar and love to hold it all together.


Beth said...

Yours is the kind of nest I'd like to be in - and the kind I have always tried to create in my own way.

Snap said...

I love this! Love the nest. Too cool!