Monday, September 21, 2009

International Day of Peace

Both Sherry Lee and Snap have this up on their blogs and peace is something so important to me, it was the word I chose to enter into 2009 with, even had it stamped on a Lisa Leonard necklace to wear on myself every day. So I couldn't miss the opportunity to remind you to create your own peace, and then spread it around and not just today but today is a good day to start.

This little birdie has a message, click here to go to the original site propagating it.

My peace actions are getting out two parcels I have been meaning to get in the post for about two weeks now. The blue color of the symbol matched my language as I cut, taped and printed. There is a reason I don't volunteer to wrap presents at the mall at Christmas time. But it's the action and the thought that counts, I think that little dove will overlook any colorful words used to prepare these parcels of peace.


Sherry said...

Peace is such a meaningful word and a meaningful concept. And you have started in making peace with may not be the world's best gift wrapper, but you put thought and love into the wrapping...that is the beginning of the peace movement!

Snap said...

Peace Party On!

Peace to You.

If we don't understand and find our own peace, how can we wish it for others?

You are well on your way.

(I remember your post about the necklace .. or am I hallucinating!!!)

Beth said...

So the air was blue as you wrapped gifts? You crack me up. (And it sounds as though you wrap the way I do.)
And, yeah, I think that little dove will forgive you as you do your bit for peace!

Rhonda Roo said...

most excellent, that you are creating your own Peace, from way back in the beginning of time in 2009!

So ahead of us you are!

Thank you so much for posting, and yes, all aboard the PEace Train! Woot Woot!

Who knows? We just might send out enough sparkling peace juju that the universe sighs a blissful sigh.
Thank you & have a lovely peaceful-year! Life! Universe!