Thursday, September 17, 2009

So long

This is not good-bye, it's so long. See you in eight months or so. My good friends over the last four months, I will miss you but you are for another time. This morning I could see my breath when I let the dogs out. There was a frost warning in the further suburbs. Strange that the calendar still says "summer", but here in the the northern climes that one season is oh so short. Relegated to the back of the cupboard for now, I will be glad to see you next May and after a brief period of forgetting that you even exist. I will find joy in you once again.

And in keeping with THAT theme, here we are all ready for the next season - HOCKEY! The only thing missing is the jersey.


Sherry said...

Ah yes...adieu to the flip and the flop and hello to the skates and sticks!!

I was at hockey last night and wore my Nikes and was warm enough during the day for sandals but alas, I knew my toes would never make it!

Riley looks great and ready to go get 'em!!

Beth said...

The skates and helmet are missing, too! Guess no skates allowed in the house... ;)
I’ll be missing (have been missing) my flip-flops as well – not recommended for wear with a sore foot.

judipatootie said...

funny girl, it wss 80 at 7am here.ugh!!! Its September .. should be seeing changes here.. its getting dark earlier and teh dreade daylight Svings is near, I'mm with you, call em next April!!
love teh pic of the soccer shoes..

Snap said...

You are too funny! I've never been able to wear flip/flops ... not sure why!!! They also look like the perfect summer fashion. Riley looks ready to take on the hockey world.

It will be 90 today, but the days are getting shorter and the neighbors trees are starting to turn and the leaves to fall. Amazing.

Cheryl said...

So I won't tell you that on the bus trip up the mountain yesterday, the trees at the very top were red!!!! And I won't tell you that we should have an Indian summer since we had no summer and you could probably wear your flip flops then. Leave a pair near the front of the closet.

Anonymous said...

Oh how envious I am of you for the change in weather/seasons!!!
Thank you for your faithful visits to my blog, they cheer me up - I know I said it before but is never enough!
Your peace post is lovely, I hope it helps inspire me as I have projects to finish.
Have a great week ~