Thursday, September 3, 2009

Qs 31, 32 & Synchronicity

I spent today catching up with *e*'s questions, specifically numbers 31 and 32. I re-worked 31 a number of times, I just couldn't seem to get it right, but I'm satisfied with it now. What three words would someone use to describe me?

Synchronicity is a recurring theme in my life. It's probably been two weeks that I have worked on this, re-worked and re-worked it. Two weeks ago one of my homework assignments for the Patti Digh/David Robinson telecoaching class I am participating in was to interview a number of people asking them what they thought my greatest strengths and best qualities are and what they think my work in the world is. It's no co-incidence that I was working this question on my tag at the same time. Isn't the world an amazing place?

And question 32, "Why did I do that?" There were any number of bone-head things I could have chosen to answer this question but I wanted to keep a positive light on it. Last week I spent an afternoon doing some self-portraits inspired from an article in an old Somerset Studio magazine. I set up my camera on the tripod (in my studio), set the self timer and then just danced around the room. Some of the photos were incredible. I want to re-do this exercise outside before the snow flies, probably at the crack of dawn because of the neighbors and what may be left of my reputation. This one I cropped and ran through for the sepia tones and lines. I inked the edges too heavily, but what the heck.

The journaling on the back reads: I danced, in my solitude, only my internal music playing. I spun and leapt, dipped and waved like a tree in the wind. And it felt good.

In yet another example of synchronicity, I worked all afternoon on my card for the recipient I received via Se'Lah's Gift of Jewels post. I had decided to do a postcard because I had ready a stack of gessoed 4 x 6 watercolor cards. I was thinking crow, red, full moon and three panels. I digress, but I have been learning about cicadas, katydids and crickets and have wanted to do one piece combining each one in their own panel. Anyway...this idea of three panels spilled over into this crow, red, full moon piece I started. While blog surfing later in the afternoon I discovered Lisa at The Wright Stuff had just completed a triptych involving a crow, the color red and what looks like a full moon (although it might be the sun). Lisa and I were co-wreckers on Jamie Ridler's wrecking crew and we are both signed up for Julie's Art Journaling class starting in a couple of weeks. If this kind of stuff didn't tickle me so much, it would scare me.


judipatootie said...

woderful world isnt it when it all click pics! great tag

Beth said...

Not only do I love the word “synchronicity,” I love when it occurs.
And dancing in your solitude – what a wonderful thing to do - such a joyful stress reliever!

Kim Mailhot said...

No need to be scared of all this wonderful synchronicity, Kim ! I think it shows that you are completely on the right track with the wonderful work/play you are doing for your soul !
The vision of you dancing in front of your camera, so fearlessly and beautifully, makes my heart feel so good...what a gift to give yourself . After my video debut yesterday, it seems like Kims' are being brave all over the place ! Woohoo ! (I hope you will show some more of the photos !)
I know you from Blogland only (so far! ;))but here are my three words to describe you : curious, grounded, open...
What a great post !
Happy Friday !