Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's What You Get

For a long time, a couple of years actually, I have been asking, pleading and begging the Universe for some big change. But the Universe has other ideas for me, one of them being practicing patience, something I am working on but I still have moments of utter impatience. Cutting my hair was one of those moments of utter impatience. Boy, I wanted change and I got it. Control the controllables and let the rest go. So I've come up with my own top ten list, half yin, half yang.

Top Five Reasons Why It Was a Good Idea to Cut My Hair

1- I no longer need a comb (or a brush for that matter)
2- it pretty much takes care of itself in the morning
3- I can wear earrings and they show
4- I feel as if I have cleared a lot of clutter from my personal and physical realm
5- I learned a valuable lesson about control and forcing my hand

Top Five Reasons Why It Wasn't Such a Good Idea to Cut My Hair

1- you can see my turkey neck 24/7 now
2- it's still much colder outside than I realized
3- I feel more "exposed", this daring side of me is out there for more to see
4-my dogs don't recognize me
5- I learned a valuable lesson about control and forcing my hand

So here I am, yuking it up in the mirror. I guess it's time to change my bio photo as I really don't feel like that person anymore.


Sherry said...

OMG -- I love this hair style on you!!! Never mind the reasons for yay or's fabulous and you look "mahvellous"!!!! Rock on girl!

Snap said...

Oh, fun!!!! Don't you feel *light headed*?!!!! Lift that weight off your shoulders! :D :D :D

oreneta said...

That is a whole lot shorter! Looks great.

Paula said...

Love it...yo!u look wonderful

SE'LAH... said...

love your hair style...very cool. you look quite happy too.

one love.

Brenda said...

You forgot about the amount of shampoo and conditioner you save - you don't need to use as much. I got my hair cut off last year and I love having short hair - it is so easy to take care of. Yes, it felt strange at first but you quickly get used to it. Your new do looks great!

Kim Mailhot said...

Ah yes...control...;)

I love the do ! It is light and youthful and playful !I can't wait to see it in person.
Enjoy the freedom !

Hanneke Nelson said...

Your new do looks great! And you know, the thing about hair: it grows back all by itself.

karen from creativetherapy said...

i LOVE it!! You look stunning!!!