Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Consumer Files

At my last trip to Sephora I bought some of Philosophy's Simply Grace body lotion. And OMG I love it. I know, I'm gushing here and I don't gush easily. When it first goes on it smells a lot like the kids Coppertone we use and in a cheeky way that makes me happy because a part of my brain is thinking it's summer. As a lotion it's OK but the smell is amazing. I am a scent challenged person, cannot abide most perfumes - they give me headaches and make me nauseous but this scent is just clean. Clean clean clean. This is not an endorsement for their products, I'm not getting paid for saying how much I love them (but if anyone wants to float some money my way I am not averse to it if I really like something).

And another thing... awhile back, I think it was on Mir's blog that I discovered Wrap N Mats. They replace the lowly plastic sandwich bag so it's a no-brainer politically correct environmentally green thing to do. I ordered a couple from the Canadian distributor and they arrived within the week. Then I saw them over at Andrea's blog, who also gave them a great review. I figure I save putting about 16 plastic sandwich bags in the landfill every week, possibly more. I also ordered some from the US distributor only because they were offering different and more funky designs and they too came within 10 days. I like that the majority of them are made in the USA (some are made in China, I'm not sure why, but that's a choice you can make when you place your order) which gives it more points for buying locally. I can't kid myself and think that anything like this is going to be made in my own backyard anytime soon so buying something made on the same continent as me qualifies in my book. I've bought a number for Christmas presents (also inexpensive for me ship out because they weigh so little and pack down well). I'm doing my part to have a green Christmas.

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Brenda said...

The Wrap n Mat sounded great so went and checked out Aussie distributor. Don't know how much they cost in Canada but here in Oz, one costs $9.95, or you can get 5 for $44.95. Wowser. Are they really worth it??