Saturday, December 20, 2008

One More for Today

I couldn't resist posting this lovely shot. I must have a suspicious nature because whenever Riley sits on Santa's lap I keep my eyes peeled for where Santa's hands might wander. Or maybe it's a sign of the times or my over-protective mother hen-ness. My son walked right up to the man today, whipped out the list he had been working on for some time and posed like a fashion model with the big guy. Lovely souvenir, dontcha think?

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Snap said...

Great picture of Riley and Santa. I threaten, every year, to have a picture of Mr. Dragon and moi taken with the good ole man. Haven't done it yet, but who knows what 2009 will bring! I loved the UTube at Creative Everyday also. Chicago in August -- a good time was had by all. Had a great start to the solstice weekend -- tea and tai chi at a local Buddhist temple. And, I very much approve of your Christmas present to yourself. Good for you!