Sunday, December 28, 2008

Up and Down

Well, I came up for air then went right back down again. I am so discombobulated - not sure what day it is. I was convinced it was Monday, then realized because Coronation Street was on in the morning it had to be Sunday. Yesterday I thought it was Sunday, Friday I thought it was Saturday until I realized I needed to post my haikus. Good grief. It's been nice sleeping in and having a quite relaxed schedule with iMan doing most of the cooking. I'm just so mixed up! Briefly, until later hopefully, here is a shot taken with my (!!!!) new Nikon D90. It's not a long lens, just a 18-55mm so I cropped it with photoshop and am quite pleased with the clarity. It's also an indoor late afternoon shot which meant using the flash, which is so very superior to the camera I was using up until December 24th. I do need to look into a zoom or maybe the 18-200 lens.

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