Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oreneta Made Me Do It

This is all Oreneta's idea. She wants us to take a picture of our bathroom cupboards and drawers. It's based on Lulu's idea of taking a picture outside your kitchen window. Now, I have no bathroom drawers so here's one of my linen closet which takes the spill-over and one of my cupboards, this one consisting mostly of hair products. Now that's a slap in the face! It's funny this subject should come up because recently I was rooting around in my linen closet realizing how fossilized it had become. I have started throwing out (read: rinsing out and/or recycling or taking back to the pharmacy if the date is expired) something every day. You can imagine how much crap was in there if I'm still managing to find something to get rid of. In all, it has made me feel quite liberated.


Beth said...

Your photos have inspired and encouraged me to "play" Oreneta's game.
Scary what we accumulate and stash away, isn't it?

oreneta said...

Impressive stuff! Impressive too that you are going through it and getting rid of some of it.

Brenda said...

Too scary and embarrassing for me. Do you know I cleaned out a bathroom cupboard just last week and threw out so much out of date medicine, some was from when my I had my first baby, nearly 15 years ago, oh my.