Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Smooth Moves and Teacher Appreciation

I always want to appreciate teachers. Maybe not all of my own, I certainly had a few duds. My sister is an elementary school teacher and I see how much she puts in, of herself, of her time - including nights and weekends. She is, BTW, an excellent teacher. The one you would pull strings to get your child into her class. But yesterday after the field trip I had renewed appreciation for my son's teacher. Here is a note I sent Riley to school with this morning for her because I didn't want to let these thoughts go by without sharing them:

February 3, 2009

Dear Madame Johanne,

Thank you for including me on the field trip to the planetarium. I had a great time and it was special for me to observe Riley in a different situation. I must tell you that my hat is off to all kindergarten teachers as this is a job I would never be capable of doing. It must be a special calling, like the priesthood or Public Defenders. So thank you for doing your job so well and for taking care and helping us raise our children. I really appreciate all you do.

Kind regards,

Riley's mom

And now, the object of my affection, doing his ninja moves with spy glasses on, the star of my show:


carolyn said...

what a nice letter for riley's teacher to receive! i'm sure she appreciated your kind words. kdg teachers are amazing people to me...they never get a break!
how is pam's journaling class? i just found her blog this past weekend and wished i knew about the class although i am not much of an art journaler. does she give you prompts or does she cover techniques?

Brenda said...

How thoughtful you are, I'm sure she would have appreciated your note so much.

Beth said...

What a wonderful idea to have sent that note - Riley's teacher will really appreciate it. Such acts of kindness go a long way.
My sister is an elementary teacher, too - dedicated, committed and overworked!

coriander said...

That note was lovely!