Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today was really smooth sailing. Even the weather was breezy. I got in and out of the passport office in about 15 minutes. I did some errands and since yesterday brought a little surprise money in the mail (my 2006 family allowance owed to me since 2006 - don't ask) I bought a new(zoom) lens for the camera I got at Christmas as the lens that came with it is only 18-55 mm. I played with it a little when I got home but it is in anticipation of my digital camera course that starts on Monday. And as if that wasn't juicy enough, I got about 2 hours in my studio this afternoon and I got to play a bit with the inks and stamps I received in the mail back in my drek days. Here's a beautiful close up of my favorite subject, you can practically see the peach fuzz on his cheeks (you can see the peach fuzz on his cheeks when it's not on the blog). Such a treat for me.

And I busied myself with all kinds of things, including my Owl Owl piece, my two OWOH pieces and one of *e*'s tags, now I'm just two tags behind. At least I'm consistent. This was a particularly great question for me. Here's a shot, front:

and back:

My first stab at using the distress ink (Broken China color). And hopefully I'll have more to show tomorrow since it will be my first full studio day in a long time (and my last until a week from next Monday).


Snap said...

Yippee! Good to see you getting back to all the good things. I'm happy to see Riley looking so much better, too. Tags are looking good. Enjoy playing! (Playing builds up good antibodies!)

Beth said...

You are definitely feeling better! And isn't it wonderful how life is co-operating?
Love the picture of your son - they're always good but I'm particularly taken with this one.