Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hot Dog We Got a Weener!

Actually, we have two winners! I ran the numbers through the random generator for my One World One Heart give-away. The first one that came up was number 21 which represents Locuasia. I don't have an email for Locuasia, I did leave you a message on your blog so I hope you get back to me. And then I was thinking that my 100th blog post (which should not go unnoticed in Blogland) was never properly acknowledged. Frequently they are accompanied by give-aways, so I ran the numbers through the generator again and number 48 came up which represents WendyP over at Wendy's Little Corner of the World. I'm firing off a message to you now Wendy!

Isn't this grand?!


Sarita said...

Hola Kim,
Thank you very much for your generosity! I am your lucky recepient and I couldn't be happier as today is my birthday and your beautiful creation will be a great present.
I will email you my information right away! :)

WendyP said...

this is so exciting ! Can't wait to see what you create just for me !!
Will email you my info right now.

And Happy Birthday to Sarita (the other winner)

smiles Wendy

WendyP said...

hi again Kim
would appreciate it if you could email me, so I can let you know my mailing info, as i can't find your email address to be able to email you the info.
Mine is

thanks so much

Snap said...

Too much fun!