Thursday, February 5, 2009

But Seriously

After recently exposing the bowels of my bathroom, I feel like I need to reestablish my credibility a little. Today I am guest blogging over at Tara Reid's Innerpreneur website. And I am feeling a little intimidated because over the next two weeks, the other guest bloggers are going to be 1) a psychotherapist and relationship coach; 2) a Man of Mystery; and 3) an e-business owner. It appears I am in rich company, me and my Chicklets. It's a departure from my usual pithy, sarcastic posts here, I barely recognized myself.

Now, to catch up with my 365 day photo project, here's one with the toaster effect. A close-up too close up and a bath shot.

It appears that after about seven weeks we are finally about to get a break in the weather. The forecast is for above zero temperatures both Saturday and Sunday. I think our spirits need the lift, even if it does rain. I've been so cold for so long I've almost gotten used to it (not!).


Snap said...

Hear you Roar!!!! WoooHoooo!

Brenda said...

Woohoo, go girl!