Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a Difference

What a difference a day makes. My day went so much more smoothly than yesterday. This morning a neighbor saw me running for my bus and she drove me to the metro! Then I had a great heart to heart talk with my boss, and I came away with a lot of very useful advice on many levels. I even got the photos for my passport taken at lunch. I almost feel like life is getting back to normal. My stomach has also been repairing itself and I managed to eat more today than I've eaten in total for the previous week. Yowsa. My sweet boy was fun and very patient. We had a nice talk about things today and I learned a few things about him. Here's a shot before the fiasco, otherwise known as his day, started. The calm before the storm.

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Beth said...

There’s nothing like a bout of sickness to make one appreciate good health and all the little things that can make a day wonderful!