Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

It's kind of cloudy and grey here. "They" are predicting above freezing temperatures today for the first time since Christmas. But "They" are also predicting freezing rain. When Riley came home yesterday he was starting a cold. He finally succumbed. First cold in the house since November. And considering he barely missed the gastro bug that is flying around his school, I guess we've been pretty lucky. He's not horribly sick but when we were lying in bed having our Saturday morning canoodle, I asked him if he felt too sick to go to music class. (He's been in the Music for Young Children program for three years now so it means an hour out of our Saturdays from September to June.) He thought about it for a few minutes and said he would rather not go to music so that he didn't make anyone else there sick. He's always been an empathetic soul. And he knew if we stayed home it meant being quiet all day, no lunch out (as we often do after music class), no shopping (which, go figure, he loves) and no having friends over or going to other friends' houses. A few days ago he was acting strange, saying he didn't want to go to school and immediately my radar started blipping. I questioned him about all kinds of things, especially about bullying to see if the troubles he was having at the beginning of the year had started up again. His answer was that he was just tired of working so hard. So I'm thinking that playing hooky from music class today isn't so bad. The kid needs a break, needs to just be a kid without obligations and have-to-do's. I'm kind of looking forward to a day without obligations too. Playing quietly with Lego.


Snap said...

Hugs and vitamin C to Riley and you. A day off sounds good to me. We all need them.

Brenda said...

Poor Riley, hope he feels better soon. Our temperature has dropped to 24C today, yippee, almost pull out the winter woolies weather.

Beth said...

Kids - and mothers - need an occasional break from the usual hectic routine. Hope your Lego creations turned out well - and that the little guy is feeling better.