Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Case Against Vegetarianism

Last weekend my sister and her significant other came to visit us at the cottage. Both of them vegetarians, bordering at times on vegan. I hate to diss a lifestyle but it's very hard to cook for a vegan. I have, at different stages over my last thirty years, been vegetarian. I have almost always eaten fish, always eaten eggs and dairy. Now I also eat poultry, in moderation. And if someone has gone to great lengths to prepare another kind of meat with love and tender care for me, I will eat a moderate amount of it as well as I believe a meal as such prepared in that way is much better for the body than a vegan meal prepared with frustration and ill feeling. So with two carnivores (iMan and Riley) and three vegetarians, the morning after a feast, the vegetarians blasted the heck out of the carnivores. We have the luxury of two bathrooms (well, one bathroom and one water closet) at the cottage and both were hard pressed to service us. My sympathies rested with my dog who took most of the blame, lying down.


Snap said...

I think you are too kind. Let them buy the food and fix their own meals. If I was a vegitarian (and I'm close), I'd take the carnivores shopping, buy the food and then let them do the fixing and eating. Maybe that's why we get very few overnight visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(We've also been know to put *them* up at a nearby hotel.) ;D ;D ;D

We don't drink coffee. Have a coffee maker (drip) ... I buy the coffee (special Houston brand that I've been told is wonderful), hand it to the visitors and tell them to have at it.

Fussy, cranky in my older age??!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Funny but not so funny... why is it that bathroom stuff makes us laugh - because it is so universal ? ;) You are a very nice hostess, to accomodate so well. Did you include air freshener in the bathroom as part of your prep. for your guests ? It's a nice touch ! ;)

sherry lee said...

I don't know anyone who is vegan and I'm not sure I know anyone who is a vegetarian (I might but not socially). Hard to combine both worlds that's for sure...and I guess the "tale" is told "at the end"!!! lol!! :)