Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

One of the many things I've signed up for this month is the Unravelling course over at Ink on my Fingers. The first assignment is feet. Here are a couple of shots I rather like, even if they are of my own feet.

Having one subject to concentrate on let me experiment with odd angles. I can tell already that it is going to be not only a fabulous, introspective class but something I really need, regardless of how much busyness I've set myself up for.

And something that was like a clonk on the head today as I was watching the class video and reading the notes was a similar theme to the Patti Digh/Richard Robinson - telecoaching class I'm taking part in. This segment's homework for that is to "locate" yourself - where you put yourself in a room, in the public, in the grocery store, in your world. That coupled with the instructions from Susannah Conway to see where you are in the world made me alter my focus a little more, a little deeper.


oreneta said...

Though I kind of like how the two meet up, looking at your feet and looking at where you are in the world. Nice shoes by the way!

Kim Mailhot said...

Always interesting how when you choose to put a positive focus somewhere, the universe brings you all the tools you need to keep at the "work".
Love the feet shots ! Enjoy your soul play ! Hopefully there is some sunshine or at least warmth in store for you at the cottage !
Happy Friday !

Snap said...

Love the texture in both shots ... nice feet!

Jean said...

I happened across your blog from Mother Henna's and see that you are taking the telecoaching class with Patti Digh and David Robinson. I'm taking it as well.

Just thought I would say hello!

Funny how we find people by happenstance.

Jean said...

Ahh, AND Wreck this Journal, too! Haha.

Happy wrecking, too.

sherry lee said...

When the student is ready, the teachers will come...and the fact that both classes were sending out the same message?!? Wonderful!!