Friday, July 24, 2009

It is to laugh

One of Riley's favorite sayings lately is Daffy Duck's, "Hardy, har, har, it is to laugh". And that phrase was running around in my mind this week when I did yet another brainless thing. My story:

This is mint:

This is not:

I like my tea and coffee cold and I have a pitcher in the fridge at all times of one of each. As soon as the mint is up in the garden in May I start putting it in my tea. Early one morning this week as I was drinking my tea I thought it tasted funny. A hint of mint but something else that wasn't, that something else was much more green. I fished around in the pitcher and dug out all the stems, examined them and realized I had pulled a nasty weed, washed it carefully to remove all the bugs and spider webs and popped it in my pitcher! I'm just glad I didn't poison myself.


Kim Mailhot said...

hee hee hee ! That sounds like something I would do so easily !!!! Good thing it wasn't poison as you said, just funny ! ;)
Happy Friday, Hardy Har Kim !

beth said...

I love minty things..
but recently tried to drink a mojito not realizing that it was a mint based drink and guess what...I couldn't do it...I didn't like it all...go figure :)

Snap said...

Yikes! You could be dangerous! ;D

sherry lee said...

Hardy har har!!!! Riley is on to something here..and good thing you didn't pick poison ivy or something else!! :)

mountain.mama said...

I had to look twice at those leaves, good thing you didn't get sick! I'll have to check out your book recommendations, always looking for a good one.