Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wreck, Week 6

More damage ensued. Involve a small child and the invitation to destruction, what could go wrong? Here's a photo of the front/back now after some heavy duty winging, dragging and dropping:

And it wouldn't be complete without some videos, one very out of focus one wherein Riley throws it off of the balcony and the second of him taking it for a walk down our dirt road at the cabin (with an extra 15 seconds of video at the end with the lens cap on!). Art at its finest! I even managed to wreck the video, what a sense of freedom and creation! I haven't gotten to comment on much yet this week as I was telephone-less and internet-less for four or five days, but I'll catch up.


Anonymous said...

Hola Kim,
I hope you are having a great time, I know you don't like the weather you have AND I certainly do not enjoy the heat and humidity I have to deal with so me must think of something! LOL!
Can't wait to read all about your adventures when you get back.
Have fun!

Beth said...

Great to have such an eager, enthusiastic assistant! That journal seems indestructible.
Your cottage time sounds a lot like mine was in terms of rain and low temperatures. What’s with this weather??!

Snap said...

Riley needs MW after his name (Master Wrecker)!!!!!

judi said...

what a cutie.. wonderful to have a Wee Wrecker at your side// have funm despite the weather,, it was 101, here in South Louisiana 2 days ago

Beverley Baird said...

Great to see so many family members geting involve.
Great wrecking!

Kavindra said...

I wish I'd known how much help children were with this book, I would have had one before starting my WTJ!

Your cover looks fantastic and I know your helper is having the time of his (admittedly short so far) life :)

WrightStuff said...

Kids just love joining in with the wrecking don't they! It's like being let loose in a sweetshop! And boys especially do love getting mucky and destroying things!

Jamie Ridler said...

That cover is amazing! Glorious wrecking adventures.

sherry lee said...

You and Riley are really getting into wrecking that journal!! It's an absolute MESS!!! :) I think Keri Smith would be very proud of you both!!

My anger page is still bare...I haven't had anything to be angry about lately...maybe I can create some!!