Saturday, July 25, 2009


My phlox has the pox and my mushrooms have mushrooms growing on them. The phlox is no great loss - it came with the house and other than it flowering late in the season when many others have petered out, it has a nasty smell to it. I've tolerated it. The mushroom kind of freaks me out, though. Something a little unnatural about it. We have had a small reprieve the last two days. Yesterday was supposed to be rainy with thunderstorms but it was hazy and we made it to both the park and the pool. Today it cleared by noon and was a nice kind of high cloud day. Have I bored you all to tears yet? In response to my quip about Australian winter in my Friday haiku, Brenda at The Crafty Chook informed me it was sunny and 17 degrees in her wintry neck of the woods. Good thing she wasn't closer geographically to me because I think that was our high temperature the same day - in S - U - M - M - E - R in Canada, I might have been forced to do her harm.


sherry lee said...

There is something quite "wrong" when it is the same temp. on the other side of the world as it is here...this has been the crappiest July I can ever recall!!! ;(

As for your phlox..oh dear!!! Mine has been battered and bashed today -- a steady heavy downpour for almost 2 hours (and that was only today, never mind every other day!)..that mushroom thing looks like something from Dr. Who!!! :)

Snap said...

Are you sure there isn't something radioactive near your place? !!! I agree with sherry lee -- Dr. Who should investigate the mushrooms (and maybe the phlox, too).

Brenda said...

Haha, now I probably shouldn't tell you it was 21 degrees the day before that, or should I?????