Sunday, July 5, 2009

'Tis The Season

July is here, yay! And so is the potential for skin cancer. My mother was diagnosed with a stage 4 melanoma five years ago, she had beaten incredible odds, waiting every six months for the results of her fully body CT scan to detect malignancies. Last July I had surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma (a much less lethal form of skin cancer) from my eyebrow, more extensive surgery than I realized going into it. I am no stranger to the havoc fun in the sun can wreck. I have been very careful with Riley and the application of sunscreen. He has never had a sunburn in his six + years. The naturopath in me cringes inwardly while we slap on the chemicals in sunscreen, one of the many voices in my head tells me to just suck it up and do it, stop worrying about the other unknown hazards behind those. I am always on the look out for something more "natural". Last summer a friend suggested a kids one made by Alba simply called "Sun". It has a nice fragrance and the texture is OK. It claims to be water resistant. I don't mind it, it claims to be "natural" as well although it does have the dreaded ingredient of "oxybenzone". As well, I was reading all kinds of acclaim last summer for a kids sunscreen made by the company called "Badger" but it wasn't on the shelves and all online sources had it sold out. I found some a few weeks ago and tried it this morning. It's horrible - sticky, oily, doesn't absorb but leaves a while film over the skin. Blech. My favorite so far is likely far from "natural". It's Coppertone made for kids in a pump bottle (no aerosol so it's fully recyclable), it's light, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you feeling as if you are wearing an extra layer of skin. And I can guarantee it is fully waterPROOF for the six hours it claims on the bottle. Oh yeah, another bonus is it doesn't make me break out although this year I tried Clinique's City Block which is also very nice. But more pricey so I use it just on my face. This isn't an advertisement for any one brand, but I'm throwing the question out there - does anyone have a brand they like and would recommend?

P.S.The option of living in the shade is neither rational nor feasible. We have to be outdoors some of the time and there isn't always shade. Swimming is part of our family culture, it's good exercise and it's a lot healthier than staying indoors on a sunny day. I believe in kids spending time outside in an old fashioned way even though there seems to be nothing old fashioned about the holes in the ozone.


oreneta said...

I like the oil of olay face cream, not too pricey and it feels fine for every day, doubt it is waterproof though. someone got me the Aveda face sunscreen which was lovely but VERY pricey, won't get it again. Not fully recylclable either...despite their natural image, and those pump sprays are a disaster in a bag, give me an old fashioned screw top every time.

Brynna said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It looks like your making some wonderful progress on your journal. It is so great that you can get your son involved.

I try to stay out of the sun too. If I can't I usually use Neutrogena sunscreen. I love that it actually smells good. I had some horrible sunburns when I was a teenager but they didn't push sunblock ten years ago like they do today. Now I know better and will do the same for my kids(when I have them).

Kim Mailhot said... sad, all we have to protect our kids and ourselves from now...We are a Coppertone and a shade household. Butter them up and keep on swimming !

sherry lee said...

Skin cancers are such a scary fact of life (my mother had that too) and with a family history, it makes even more sense that you want to protect Riley.

I have no sunscreens that I can recommend. I've used Neutrogena which leaves no oily residue and I've used Coppertone which I also like. My mother used a product called PreSun years ago (don't even know if they still make it). But I don't know of any "all natural" products that you could try. It seems everything that is good and smells good costs $$$.

Cheryl said...

This household uses Ombrelle 45. Recommended by a leading dermatologist. Absorbs well. Doesn't feel heavy. Usually goes on sale for a good price. Best part...check the date. We've had the same bottle for two years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
How was your week aside from the no soap in the laundry episode? LOL! I can totally relate - LOL!
I am also searching for the "perfect" sunscreen for Renata, she got her first ever sunburn last month and I am still concern about it :( probably pointless but concerned nontheless.
Did you made a comment a while back about liking hibiscus? Or is that a "getting old" mixup? Please let me know.
Have a great weekend!