Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Books

My last library trip had me bringing home the mother lode. I picked up "Sing Them Home," by Stephanie Kallos at the suggestion of Beth. I loved it, all 500 or so pages of it. The story line is improbable but took me right in, the characters are quirky but lovable and despite its length it read quickly. Sherry Lee has reviewed Kallos, "Broken For You," and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

From there I read Edeet Ravel's, "Wall of Light", which I also loved. It takes place largely in Israel with the story line being told partly through someone's diary, another person's letters and directly by the protagonist. It flowed so well without real interruption, the only thing that disappointed me was I found the ending to be a little weak. But I am a big fan of Ravel and can't say enough good things about her other books I've read.

I waited to post this after I read Elizabeth Berg's, "Home Safe," because I usually get through her books pretty quickly. She is prolific but I don't find all her work to be outstanding. This is no, "Talk Before Sleep," or "Range of Motion," two of my favorites of hers (not counting, "Writing Down the Bones"). The real meat of the book comes only in the last thirty or so pages where she offers some perspective on relationships kids and their parents have with each other. I've just started another Jodi Picoult, I'm on fire for fiction these days.

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sherry lee said...

I've got "Sing Them Home" here waiting to be read (courtesy of the beautiful Beth!), and I'm adding this Edeet Ravel to my list. I know exactly what you mean about this latest Elizabeth Berg. It seemed "formulaic" to me -- her earlier works were much, much better. Don't you love being a read-aholic?!?! :)