Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too much information?

Confession: I have flip-flop toe. It's not a pretty site and besides the aesthetics, it's a bit painful. But that has never stopped me yet from sharing.

It's cause: flip-flops. The only time I get it other than flip-flop season is in the winter when I'm thinking of wearing my flip-flops. It's also hereditary because Riley has it too only we call his Croc toe.

It's raining this morning with promise of thunderstorms. We are off to do some shopping, hoping to find my magazines in Chapters and perhaps even a slim point and shoot which I've been saving up for. The boys are out for the new Wii sports game disc coming out. Selfishly I'm hoping they get it so that it frees up my afternoon for playing in the studio. Happy Sunday everyone, whether or not you suffer from flip-flop toe. I bet Brenda is wearing her flip-flops and sunscreen today.


Kim Mailhot said...

I have flipflop toe too...flipflops are okay in the rain but lousy by the ocean where they make walking on wet rocks a little scary. Did that yesterday on our hazy afternoon. David is on vacation this week and we were supposed to go to Mont Tremblant to the cottage for the week. Looked at the weather up there and we decided no way were we going to spend 5 days in the rain again this year in the cottage with no electricity and a rainy boat ride to get anywhere. Plus 18 is too cold of a high for me this week too. Instead, the weather here is a bit better and they are announcing 88 degrees and sunny on Tuesday. We are going to drive up Mt Washington and to the White Mountains to explore for the day on Wed., spending one night in a dog-friendly hotel so the Chica can come and I am sooooo excited ! This will be the first year in about 20 years that I didn't spend at least a week at Lac Bibitte but things just change sometimes... Hope the boys enjoy Wii so you can play !Happy Sunday and here's to finding fun wherever you are ! We can do this !

sherry lee said...

For all the time I've worn flip flops in my life I don't think I've ever had flip flop toe...I just get nasty looking heels that I'm almost ashamed to take in for a pedicure!!! This weather is the PITS...we've had rain steadily and yesterday was the worst -- 2 1/2 hours of steady, pelting down rain. Neighbours are dealing with flooded basements (thankfully not us) -- where is the sun?? Where is the summer???

Hope you manage to get those flip flop toes into the studio for some play time this afternoon!

Brenda said...

Actually, 17C is way too cold for flip flops for me! We call them thongs in Australia and jandals in New Zealand, so there you go. I did get out into the garden on Saturday in sandals (but I kept my socks on), haha.