Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Q 26 and 26 Qs

Since Riley got out of school I have had precious little time for art and I am so far behind on *e*'s weekly questions. Today I caught up with question number 26 (now I'm just three behind), which isn't exactly a question, but what the heck. "On my walls I would write...":

I could have found many more things I would have written on my walls, could have inundated the tag with quotes but I did feel it was finished as is. I was pretty casual with the decorations, taking my inspiration from folk art. My journalling is, "It's All Good Baby!", "Love Is The Answer," and one I saw lately that I particularly liked (I think it was over at Kind Over Matter), "Be The Bomb!" - Scrapbook paper, ink, scrapbook embellishments and Letraset - I read somewhere that they don't make Letraset anymore - EGADS! - I have a small stock left over from art school so I will use it sparingly unless I can find someone else's old stock on eBay.

And this I saw over at someone else's Flickr site. Since it is question 26, that makes it half the year, so here is my "spread":


Snap said...

I like your spread.

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh Kim - that fan of questions looks so good ! I love them all together like that !!!

Love what you would write on the walls ! Go me thinking...I have a lot of blank space up high on the yellow walls in my studio - I have 10 foot ceilings in this rooom...do I have the guts to "write" my words on there for real ????

Happy creative wednesday, lovely Chicklet !

sherry lee said...

Your "spread" is colourful and vibrant!!!! I love it. I also love your answer to this question!!!