Saturday, May 2, 2009


While I was inspecting the garden today I saw a first - my white bleeding heart, blooming on MAY 2!!! I know it's an early perennial but I never have had a bloom so early. Also, my red and yellow tulips burst out. The reds and yellows aren't my favorite, they were planted by the previous owner, but they are early and colorful after seven months of dreary grey and brown. I have some deep purple and dark pink tulips that will come out in another month and one lone enormous white one - I'm not sure where that came from, probably a squirrel, and it always grows on this incredibly tall stalk, kind of like Jack's magic beans. We've had weird weather - a really hot day followed by a bit of rain followed by a cool day. Then the cycle starts all over again. I think that might be what has got the plants confused.

And here's a little bouquet Riley picked for me (I believe they are weeds - they grow right in amongst the other reeds of grass), he even scotch-taped the three little flowers together and presented it to me. He is a crack up!

I also managed to do yet another tag - Q16 - What is the truth? I have been pondering this question since I finished Q15. Notice it doesn't read, "what is my truth". I started thinking how truth really never is black and white, so I started with just some blobs of white and black acrylic paint which I slathered thickly and randomly all over a sheet of ordinary paper that I had gessoed back a few weeks ago when I was making some of my own collage sheets (as per the Collage Diva). Then I took some of my Tim Holz rubber stamps (gotta love Tim Holz) and pressed those right into the paint blobs, applying some additional paint to the stamps and going over and over the mess until I was more or less satisfied. When it dried I picked a favorite spot and cut the shape of the tag from it. The sheet itself turned out quite delicious - the thickness of the paint gives the paper some real weight and a nice semi-sheen and the stamps lend it texture. I might have to investigate this whole technique again. Here it is, with my rather vague journalling on the back.


Snap said...

Your bulbs are gorgeous and your tag, too! If that is a weed, it's sure pretty!

Beth said...

“Ever-changing shades of grey with splashes of color.” Love that!
Also love Riley’s bouquet. I wonder why we call things weeds just because they grow so prolifically?

Kim Mailhot said...

Nice to see those bulbs a blooming ! Your bleeding hearts are very early ! And very lovely - I don't think I have seen them in white before.

Love your black and white truth tag - agree with your statement too. I think it is important though, to shine the light on your own truths whenever possible, even if there are all relative. ;-)

Happy Sunday ! Enjoy those blooms !

sherry lee said...

I love your white bleeding heart!! Mine is pink and not quite ready to open yet -- lovely to see yours!!!

I love your truth -- I love how you made the tag and your words are true -- our truth changes as we do. So very important to recognize that!