Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toast Soldiers

We've been up and down, again. *sigh* It's the middle of May and we're still getting viruses. And at the risk of sounding adolescent, it sucks. I've always felt that being sick is such a waste of time. But here we are, sick again. In all the wallowing and self-pity, this made me laugh. Riley hates the crusts of bread and when I made him a piece of toast, cut into fingers, he ate it all but the crusts. To help me out (as I lay moaning on the couch) he brought his plate into the kitchen when he was finished, and this is what I saw. I may feel like rat dung but he can still make me laugh. Yeah, I'm definitely going to keep him.


Beth said...

Rat dung?? You have definitely retained your sense of humour and creative imagination despite this most recent viral onslaught.
Feel better soon – what a drag to be sick on a holiday weekend.

(And, yeah, he’s a keeper!)

Kim Mailhot said...

Sort you are feeling like dung !;)
Hopefully it will pass through quickly.

Did you and Riley read Patti Dighy's post about making art from lunch ? Your little man is a true soul artist, I think !

You two stay cozy now and let the healing happen !

Kim Mailhot said...

I meant sorry you are feeling like dung - not sort ! Please excuse my lack of proof reading !

Snap said...

Goodness. I need to send you extra vitamins (or something). You are right ... it sucks! So sorry you are feeling *poorly* (thanks granny). Glad Riley can make you smile!

sherry lee said...

That is a very artistic composition he's left on his plate (the little devil, eating around the crusts!!!).

Sorry you've been laid low with whatever bug Riley brought home...liquids, rest and laughter...I think that's the best medicine!

Brenda said...

Oh you poor dears, I can't believe you're sick again. Get better soon.