Thursday, May 7, 2009


Where did this day go? I got a lot done, I just wanted to do more. I started a new project which will remain a secret for a little while because it's for someone special's birthday. Here's a shot of my desk with it all stretched out. The "secret" project is coming along nicely and I'm quite pleased with it since I have done very little scrapping. It's going to be hard not talking about this and sharing it as it evolves, at least until it has been gifted. I would love to learn some digital scrapping techniques but that takes an amount of time that, when I have that amount of time, I would rather get right into paint.

And a shot from this morning's shenanigans. We are often at our best first thing.

I found myself with just enough time this morning in between obligations to finish a book I started a couple of weeks ago. I have been reading multiple books, mostly non-fiction, but this one I've been picking away at for about two weeks. Andre Dubus III's "Bluesman", I picked it up years (many years) ago after reading "House of Sand and Fog" and loved it so much I wanted to get my hands on anything else the author had written. This one was very good too. The characters are complex and it really shows how little prepared we all are for adulthood; how it is thrust upon us before we are really ready to assume all the responsibilities and repercussions that come with it. At 18 we are old enough to create another soul, drink alcohol, vote and go to war, but what kind of wisdom do we have at that stage to handle any of those things with any kind of finesse. It made me realize how frightening it all is and yet as a very young adult I just threw myself into life with little regard for more than the present moment. Part of me hopes I am senile by the time Riley is coming of age.


coriander said...

Someone once told me that The House of Sand and Fog was the saddest book they had ever read so I have stayed far far away from it. Was that a true assessment or should I give it a go?

Brenda said...

It sounds like a wonderful creative day. Doesn't it feel good!

Beth said...

You won't be senile when Riley comes of age - but you won't be completely sane! (It helps.)

sherry lee said...

Oh I have to get my hands on this book!! I LOVED "House of Sand and Fog" (were we separated at birth by chance?!).

Your secret project looks interesting and can't wait to see it completed!

There is a sense of peace at the end of a full day, isn't there? You know you have accomplished a great deal, you wish you had more time and you know it's been one of those meaningful sorts of days.

Shenanigans...there's a word we don't use much but it has such fullsome meaning!! And yes, my boys were always at their best first thing in the morning...we always made it the best part of the day (and then mom was too pooped to do much else!! lol!!).

And you say you feel like you leave long comments on my blog (which I love by the way!), I feel the same "urge" here!!