Thursday, May 21, 2009


So much to report today, especially since tomorrow morning we are off on our train trip to Toronto for the weekend, then to Ottawa to meet up with iMan then home Tuesday night. I will be computer-less and most likely not checking email at all until then. An electronic hiatus. Today I received this delightful package in the mail (from Carolyn at Magpie-Pixie), I knew it was coming but was still an incredible surprise and made my heart open wide. Looky, looky (wrapped in gold tissue paper and with a beautiful laced tag):

I also whipped off another tag. Last week's question (Q19) was What Gives Me Hope? Here's mine, I didn't even include a question mark this time since it meant more to me to have it a statement. I found some time this week to fiddle around in Photoshop and I found some fun and interesting tools. I started by photographing a part of one of the new scrapbooking papers I bought over the weekend, adjusted the color, "sphered" it and then distorted it to make it fit the size of the tag. The question itself was inked in different colors but wasn't prominent enough so I re-inked with black distress ink over the color. I like the effect. For the back I chose a simple pure white rice paper (with texture) to emphasize the feeling behind my answer.

See you all next week.


Snap said...

Have a great time!

Brenda said...

Have a wonderful time!

Beth said...

Enjoy your break and your travels!

And you’re right – change is good, even an unwelcome one. Ultimately, it provides us with the opportunity and challenge to "change" both ourselves and our perspective in a positive way. And definitely provides relief from that “same old, same old” routine in our lives.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this tag ! It is beautiful !
Enjoy TO and enjoy your hiatus !
Choo choo !

sherry lee said...

You'll be home when you get this...I waved to you out my front window as your train went past! hee!! Hope you have/had a wonderful time!

I love your thoughts about change!

Trish said...

Hi there , just wanted to say hellp and let you know that I was very touched by your attitude toward change. I've always been afraid of change and resisted it full tilt. You've given me pause for reflection, so I thank you,