Sunday, May 3, 2009


This afternoon I saw a mouse and I screamed. My best, high-pitched girlie scream. I was sorting the recycling, bring the big bin from inside out to the two bins I keep in a shed. I opened the shed door and - mouse in recycling bin. Unfortunately he looked like he had simply fallen in and couldn't get out. Past tense. As bad as I feel about all that (I'll start storing the blue bins upside down) I'm grateful I didn't have to get him out of there scrambling and scratching. We finally (the royal "we" here) put up a little tent I bought Riley a couple of weeks ago. A Canadian Tire $17 tent that fits him and a friend. I am not a happy camper, but even I managed to get this one up within five minutes.

And a shot from the outside (no shoes allowed) - he put his welcome mat at the door flap to take care of that.
Finally : Confession. My house is a pig sty. When iMan is away, we have a cleaning service in every two weeks to vacuum, dust, do the bathrooms etc. I do the cleaning on the in-between weeks. But this last week I put me first, let a lot of things go, in order to spend time in my studio. I neglected the garden, the windows, the dog hair, the general tidying up, the cleaning out of the fridge of left overs - you get the idea. So today I stopped and came up for air, took a good look around and EGADS! I have another two days before the cleaners come again and I'm horrified. Basically I'm going to have to keep my eyes closed until Tuesday. Still, nice problem to have, I know.


Snap said...

I would have screamed, too! I don't like little furry surprises! Bet Riley enjoys the tent. Glad to see you aren't cleaning for the cleaners! :D

oreneta said...

We have the same tent. There is something so magical about a tent....a private space that fits just right.

Kim Mailhot said...

Re: the tent
- My nephew has the same tent from Canadian Tire too - makes you wish you were a little kid again ! My rule would be : "No Grumpy adults allowed !"

Happy Monday !

Beth said...

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not afraid of mice – I’m simply afraid of being startled by mice. (Maybe?) However, I am very leery of putting garbage in the bins stored in the garage for fear of encountering raccoons! Ah, nature…
And, hey, keep those eyes averted until Tuesday. Bet you can do it. The alternative is not appealing - at all!

Great tent!