Friday, May 29, 2009


*E*'s 20th question is, "What is your latest obsession?" I was a little stuck with this one, thinking I haven't really obsessed in a while but since I'm late with it, I had two long weeks to cogitate. I realized I have bought a ridiculous number of shoes, sandals and slippers lately. You know how sometimes you find something you're not even looking for? Well it's kind of been that way with me and the shoes, except for the slippers - I was on the look-out for slippers for a couple of months after Riley told me my old ones smelled. They were about four years old and the insides were all torn so they really didn't owe me anything but I wasn't ready to let them go. I finally found some new ones online at Planet Shoes dot com, the very same pair I had tried on four years ago but opted for the other (now-smelly) ones instead. Nah, I'm not much obsessed with shoes. Acrylic, collage, ink, graphite, markers.

I'm glad I was able to get in my studio for a little time this afternoon. This week has found me a little irritable and meeting up with equally irritable people. I've been trying to put a more positive spin on things but I'll turn around and be met by someone else in turmoil. Is my energy attracting like energy? The good news is that Mercury goes direct tomorrow (but not Return until around June 18). That should tweak things a bit.


Beth said...

As obsessions go, a shoe obsession is not too bad – as long as you don’t fall into the Imelda Marcos syndrome!
And you reminded me – time to get rid of some shoes I’ve had for years – and haven’t worn for years.
Slippers? That’s another story – it’s hard to toss that kind of comfy footwear (stinky or not).

Kim Mailhot said...

this week was turmoil for so many of us...I think when things are like that, sometimes all we can do is just hold on tight and wait for the ride to stop!

shoes, art supplies and books - the three shopping obsessions for me ! Is it something about Kims ?
Happy Saturday !