Saturday, May 30, 2009

In My Garden

When the weather finally cleared this afternoon Riley and I got out into the garden to do a little heavy lifting. We finally planted what I hope will be those heavenly blue morning glories and none too soon because they were starting to look a little peaked. We were chopping wood and carrying water and listening to a lot of cheep-cheep-cheeping. I was thinking that lately we had birds in the belfry or something then all of a sudden these little faces appeared out of the porthole of the birdhouse I put up in the spring:

Of course I grabbed the camera and the ladder and dealt with my fear of heights (even two rungs on a ladder can send me spinning), snapping away and watching those hungry little beaks crying out. I was going to ask Snap what they might be because really, all baby bird faces look the same to me but later in the day we saw a mother (or father) sparrow fluttering at the opening and feeding. So, so amazing. We were ridiculously excited.

The whole garden is full and I took probably a hundred or more shots of the flowers which I will selfishly save for Wordless Wednesdays and/or some other projects but here is a shot of my neighbor's incredibly fragrant bush - someone once called it spirea but I have a feeling it's something else, I would love to know for sure if anyone does know:

As Northerners, we get pretty excited about our flowers and gardens, every day is a photo-op at this time of year.

I am hoping for a better night tonight, for the last 24 hours my 14 year-old English Setter has had Extreme Diarrhea. She takes diarrhea to new heights, that dog. It happens every so often, and mostly at this time of year but I was up a lot during the night cleaning up the snarf-blatts. I had no idea she could hold so much. I do feel bad for her, even though she brings it on herself with her scavenging ways. All she has in her tonight is a bowl of boiled white rice but with her, you never know. Fingers crossed.


laughingwolf said...

grats on the new babies, mama ;)

i'm with you on the flowers n stuff, too... been in nova scotia for the past 12 years, and have never seen a more rotten spring as this year :(

Snap said...

I'm so happy you conquered your fear of heights long enough to take baby pictures! Yipppee! Isn't it wonderful to watch Mother Nature at her finest?! Can't help you ... may be spirea or may not be.

oreneta said...

Great photo of the birds!

Beth said...

Lovely garden musings and pictures but you have me worried about your English Setter. (I still miss our dog very much.)

coriander said...

I hope your old dog is feeling better. My girl Sherry never met a piece of bowel churning garbage she didn't immediately scarf up and lived well into her teens with the nasty habit.