Sunday, May 10, 2009

Give-Away and Over-Indulged

I meant to post this yesterday, but got caught up in my own maudlin obsessing. I found a give-away link over at Sherry Lee's and it's a dandy. It's Magpie Pixie's site (Click here), - you won't regret it but do it soon because time's a wastin'.

I over-indulged today in just about everything, all kinds of goodies, and plenty of emotions. Here are a couple of shots of Riley during his quest to make my breakfast (complete with chef's hat):

We had minimal whining today and no nagging at supper time. He often acts more mature than I do. So proud of him.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kim,
Happy Mother's Day! I am glad you had a great day with Riley, he is SO cute!
Renata gave me a couple of beautiful drawings and we too had a good day.
I am packing your goodies to send tomorrow, hope you can use the stuff I will be sending.
Hugs and sunshine!

sherry lee said...

These are the memories we love -- in the making and down the road. Seems to me that Riley's gift was in giving you a break from him being needy as children are so naturally, and being able to be the giver...that's what we hope for as mom's...that they learn to give and enjoy doing that! Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day!

Beth said...

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me as well but I think I also over-indulged in the emotions...
It's Monday - back to reality.

(You had a breakfast made for you - I had a dinner made for me!)