Thursday, May 28, 2009


I got mail this week, from Sara at Locuasia. She was one of my OWOH winners back in February and I made this little piece for her:

popped it in the mail, but it never arrived. That was two months ago and it drives me nuts that original art got lost in the mail. Anyway, to make a short story really long, I wanted to send her something else even though I could never reproduce the original. We corresponded back and forth a bit and although it seems small in comparison I sent her some ribbon for her ATCs and inchies and other projects she has on the go. She, in turn, sent me some things for my mixed media - such ordinary day-to-day things perhaps but they are from another country and I find them inspiring. Some lotto tickets, bus tickets, pages from an old book, calendar pages, a few little cards that remind me a bit of some tarot and even a toy for Riley. How great is that?! I will put it all to good use.

One of the amazing things about this medium is meeting people who are kind and generous and sharing. My week seems to be full of this and I'm grateful.


Beth said...

And you are one of those kind, generous and sharing people - with a great sense of humour, too!
Glad you're having a good week.

Snap said...

I agree. I've met many nice, supportive, generous folks while blogging and made a few friends. Snail mail still RULES!!! :D Glad you are home and happy.


sherry lee said...

Such a shame that your original gift away has been lost in the mail. I love the colours you used and the composition and I'm sure Sara did as well.

What I love about this is the generosity...that you sent her something else even if it wasn't the same as the was something that Sara was happy to have. Then the joy of Sara returning the kindness to you. Life is good this way -- open karma between spirits...and there's that joy when we find that connection!