Monday, May 11, 2009

Of Life Spans, Milestones and Cherry Blossoms

First off, let say this day was the day of the incessant telephone and doorbell. I was out most of the morning but from the time I stepped foot in the door, something was ringing. It got to the point where I actually yelled as I answered the phone. I was just trying to get things done, have a little studio time. But when you have a small child out of the house, well, you just can't let it ring. Anyway...I was wondering this morning what the average life span of a cotton shirt should be. I have a favorite long sleeve t-shirt. It's an LLBean, an ultrasoft seafoam colored lovely. I bought it on a bit of a spree about a year and a half ago when my last job position was moved to the company's Toronto address, knowing I would be spending a lot of time at home and soon wouldn't have much extra money for clothes for me. And I've worn it plenty - at first it was probably once a week - when it was clean! Then after the novelty wore off it was probably every other week. Yesterday when I put it on it was suddenly shapeless, stretched and although still comfortable, it has now been relegated to the pile of things to wear when I am not going past the garden gate. I guess I expected more from it, since it was LL Bean and not that cheap. I like to buy quality over quantity as much as I can. Maybe I'm in mourning or denial but I am kind of ticked that's the end of that, like the old song, "is that all there that all there is...if that's all there is my friend, then let's keep dancing, bring out the booze and have a ball". I always liked that song and, despite popular belief to the contrary, it really has nothing to do with the invitation to go on a bender.

Riley past a milestone today and I was without my camera. At the park after school he got on the swing, started pumping and got up and swinging high without a push. *sigh* I was so happy for him, he has struggled with that talent since last summer and it finally all came together. And then he started jumping off, mid air. *groan*

And the cherry blossoms are out, really out there now. Testimony to that fact is my allergy to those beauties. Check it out:


Snap said...

Tie a camera around your neck. :D

Your eyes look like 3/4 of the eyes I see around me. Everyone down here has allergies. I got up this morning and looked like a raccoon with bags under the eyes. Arggggghhhhhh.

sherry lee said...

Hey, those are MY too with the grass, trees and certain pollens...I've just been rubbing my eyes for the last half hour (I know, wrong thing to do but it feels so good -- for awhile!!).

You know there are some times when not having the camera is "okay" -- some moments in our lives are meant to just be enjoyed for what they are and the memories are that much sweeter.

As for constant ringing -- doors, phones...I hear you. It can be major annoying!!

I have had a number of favourite clothing items live their lives...and I miss them when they reach that "no longer viable" stage.

oreneta said...


Though you have lovely eyes once you look past the redness.

Beth said...

I have clothes that should have been tossed years ago but keep (and wear) them because of that softness, that feeling of comfort. To my credit, I don't wear them outside of the house.
Can you beat a top that is going on 23 years of age? It's shapeless, of course. ;)

Carolyn said...

Just popping by to say ..

You won my red leather wallet in my giveaway !!
My email is on my profile page - i need your addy - so i can post it off to you .
Congratulations !!

sherry lee said...

Oh yipee...I see you won Carolyn's red wallet!! Lucky, lucky you!!! :)