Friday, May 8, 2009


What a week! I am exhausted, but am more than satisfied with what I've accomplished. A huge to-do list, enough of it crossed off. Oddly enough, *e*'s question this week was, "What is on your to-do list". I haven't started that tag yet although I am thinking about it. I spent much of today on my secret scrapping project. Made great headway there. Probably one more good day at it and it's done, which is great considering I will only be gifting it in two weeks. But in those next two weeks I only have one day to myself, so I had better use it well. After one of my gruelling days at work this week, I came home to find this waiting for me in the mailbox:

I had almost forgotten about this sweet mixed media piece I had won over at Got Art? for guessing the photo of the cherimoya. My only complaint is that Sherry forgot to sign it.

Because of the excessive and manipulative coverage of the economy and the swine flu virus I have more or less been avoiding the newspaper for the last little while, skipping right to the comics and sudoku but yesterday I happened across an article that made me want to kick myself. I think it was almost two years ago that I discovered a show on the Showcase channel called, "Saving Grace". I watched the first season religiously, even staying up to see the end of it at 11:00 despite having the VCR whirring at the same time. It sucked me in right from the first show. But then after leaving a cliff-hanger as an end of season, I lost track of season two starting up. At any rate the article was about last night being the end of season two. I am hoping they re-run it this summer since I found it incredibly entertaining television. Smart, different than any other show, even if it was a little violent for my usual level of tolerance. I'll need to start scanning the guide to find out if and when it is coming back on. I very rarely watch television; the only shows I watch with regularity are some BritComs, Coronation Street and Desperate Housewives and even with those, I often get weeks behind with the video recorder storing up more and more episodes. So when I take to a show, I tend to take it quite seriously and I'm just a little put out that I've missed the entire season of Saving Grace.

After getting that load off my chest, I am very much looking forward to the alarm not going off t tomorrow morning.


Brenda said...

It does sound like a productive week - how satisfying. You deserve a sleep in!

Beth said...

I’m going to check out “Saving Grace.” You and I have similar taste in books – perhaps in TV shows as well? I hardly ever watch TV but a few good shows would be nice. (Is it possible to read too much??)
Hope you got a sleep in this morning!

sherry lee said...

There is something satisfying about crossing things off a "to do" list isn't there? I am a little nutso about that -- I love the stroke or the squiggle across the chore!! (yes, I need a life!! lol!!).

I love what you won from Sherry, though you're right, it would be nice if had been signed and you will always be able to remember who created this lovely art (we sometimes forget to do that -- not thinking about years down the road).

I haven't seen "Saving Grace" though I know it was shown on an obscure network, one I wouldn't have been flipping by any time I watched tv. Like you I am huge on britcoms and used to watch Corrie religiously. I still like to catch CSI:NY but I'm fickle with tv...never hang around one programme for any long standing period of time!!

Hope you enjoyed your lie in today...a day without an alarm clock is bliss!

Snap said...

Saving Grace is usually on after The Closer which is a favorite of ours ... if we remember to watch it! Frankly, we keep the TV off, or we watch baseball games ... then *forget* to check to see what else is on! Loved the little mixed-media gift! Lucky girl!

Beth said...

Thanks for the "extra." I checked Rogers Video - nada. May have to go the route. The show better be good - I'm relying on you!

And a Happy Mother's Day to you, as well!