Friday, January 2, 2009

Haiku Friday

I almost don't know it's Friday. These holidays have been wonderful, now if I could only figure out what day it is! Yesterday I saw a haiku somewhere - I can't remember where, I'm sure it was someone at CED - there was a posted photo of a deer and a quip about, well how they are rather hazardous on the roads. It inspired me to look under my nose for today and see what I could haiku about. The first thing under my nose was also inspired by nature but... heh...heh...I might lose one of the members of my audience of three if I post it. I'll try to pull something else up from the bowels...oops, I meant depths of my imagination. I've already exhausted the subject of snow even though the subject of snow hasn't finished with my geographical location yet. Let's see...

It's time to move on
We took the Christmas tree down
So much space now - wow

OK, so it's not Shakespeare or Goethe. Thank heavens I have something else to brag about for my CED. Here's a photo of the supper creation for my son. He often asks me to make a picture out of his plate. Granted, it's not the healthiest supper, usually he at least has whole wheat pasta, but it counts as far as creative goes.

And now for my Day 2, Daily Riley:

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