Friday, January 2, 2009

Something else I like

Andrea over at The Fishbowl posted this about her shopping embargo. It's just an idea I wanted to float, to get people thinking. Basically she opts to not buy anything non-essential for the months of January and February. Already I employ many of her suggestions, I know I will be paying down my credit cards since I bought a considerable amount of Christmas presents online this year. And with the exception of my son's birthday in February, which will require a few "non-essential" items, it doesn't sound too hard. Come next week our routines will be back in full swing and I will be hard pressed to find time to pleasure shop. So the first half of January will be a breeze. I'm guessing the crunch will come some time in February, especially for us cabin-fever-ites.


Genie Sea said...

A purchasing embargo has its good and bad points.

Good point: Saves us money by purchasing only essentials. The problem is "essential" can encompass a lot of things. :)

Bad point: Not purchasing slows down an already struggling economy which translates to job loses.

Thank you for your comment on my blog! :) To answer your question, I am using Minima Lefty Stretch template in blogger. It's the first template :)

Brenda said...

I have already cut down my spending drastically, I am so pleased with how I am going (most of the time). What's that you tell me - everything in moderation, haha. Our Christmas tree is still up - need to take it down too. You are doing so great with CED - well done to you!