Monday, January 12, 2009

Time Flies

I don't know where the second half of today went, I turned around and it was 7:30. Still so much I want to do...But it was a productive and a creative day. I finished my fish! Yay! It actually has a lovely velvety kind of texture as the background. I do still miss the original orange but am pleased with the results of the collage. I like the humor I managed to sqeeze in and the words I found seemed perfect (Without thinking, I sang from the depths of my heart). It is a little piece - only 5 x 7. On watercolor paper, I started with a layer of acrylic paint, then collage, and watercolor crayons and pencils. I have hardly used this medium, so I'm pleased with the results considering I'm a novice. The paper held up amazingly well considering how much I did to it. It is a little curled here - I had just sprayed it with fixative out on my back deck and decided to take the picture there (in the snow!) since I get much better and truer lighting outside.

I found a bargain today and although it went against my purchasing embargo this month and next, well what can I say but I had a gift certificate from Christmas for the store, so it's money that was already spent. Looky here - 15 Caran d'Ache neocolor II for $21 - you'll see the little sticker in the corner that explains the mark-down, it seems someone snitched the white one out of the set. It boggles my mind that someone would sneak in a dark corner, break the plastic seal and steal one crayon. Anyway, since I had a couple of whites at home, it was a great deal for me. There are a number of very nice colors in this set, along with the classics of course.

My photo of Riley today is of him on the phone with his favorite aunt. I realized how late it was getting and I hadn't pointed the camera at him yet today so I was kind of chasing him around the house while he talked and he did his best to avoid me. I love the pose, hand on hip, trying not to laugh and still give me the gears. My goodness, when I look at this I realize a) he is no fashion plate (just a victim of cold weather-layering - don't worry I don't let him out of the house dressed like that) and b) how badly he needs a haircut. Tuques are doing us in this year, I'm afraid, as I don't look much better with my hat-hair and my scary face since this morning was the quarterly burn-off at the dermatologist. The results of growing up before sunscreen...

Another thing I have been playing with can be found here, which I found over at Karen's site. Great idea, so do-able, I am so very unstressed with this and enjoying using all kinds of medium. I'll post some later in the week.


Genie Sea said...

Love the fishie! Adore the quote!

You son's pose is hilarious. I love the poses kids take when talking on the phone, approximating adult poses. He is a cutie-pie :)

Congrats on the "steal" with the crayons. :) I can't even imagine what desperation drove someone to take the white crayon. It's kind of lyrical though :)

Leah said...

I love your fish piece!!

And the pictures of your son doing yoga are so precious!!