Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr. Freeze

As I mentioned earlier, a friend of Riley's was at our house for the day. And I can't believe how exhausted I am tonight. Maybe it was the lack of sleep this week, but I feel like today just sucked the last bit out of me. It wasn't even particularly nasty weather (which has a habit of doing that all on its own), there wasn't any fighting with the kids, but the stress of being responsible for another little person, other than my own, keeping him safe, making sure he is having a good time, is happy, eating etc. just flattened me. I guess it's something you can get used to, certainly the people who work looking after kids must have ways of not letting their energy leak out. But tonight it's a long soak in some Epsom salts (I sound like I'm 80 for goodness sake, not that there's anything wrong with being 80, some of my best friends....) and hit the hay early. I'll check out my favorite blogs tomorrow when hopefully, I'll have the p & v to leave a comment or two. Until then, here's what it looks like to be sucking on a Mr. Freeze in January. Remember those ice cream headaches you would get as a kid?

And one more thing, I saw this over here. Anyone else aware of I find the whole concept really worrisome. I searched my own name, looking to see if someone had added me, and so far no one has. And I wondered if there was any value to putting your own self on, kind of beat any stalker to the punch. I mean, not that I am such a fascinating person that anyone would want to follow me around, but you never know. Life is indeed stranger than fiction.


Brenda said...

Yes, looking after children is both mentally and physically exhausting, but well worth it :-) You'll get over it, hehe.

Beth said...

I always found it to be exhausting watching over other children (as well as my own) because I had to be on my best behaviour! Such an effort...

(thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words)