Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a difference

What a difference two weeks makes. It has been about that since our shortest day of the year and tonight when I came out of the subway and up on the commuter train station platform there was still some daylight. Kind of like a twilight. So very encouraging. Except for our current weather forecast. So I might have to go underground for a couple of days. We are expecting our latest snowfall to start tonight, shortly after midnight and continue until sometime Thursday. Basically 36 to 48 hours of snow. Snowmageddon. I expect to spend every waking moment shovelling. Except of course for the getting towork and home (and the hours spent there), getting my son to school and home, getting the dogs to do their respective duties, and the occasional meal for sustenance. I'm afraid my creative contributions will be figuring out new and inventive places and ways for where to put the white stuff. Things are going on hold for a couple of days. But...I did manage to create some food art for Riley's supper today and, of course, my Day 6 shot of Riley.

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