Monday, January 26, 2009

Half and Half

Another day of ups and downs. Cripes! It's still so cold here. The car a-l-m-o-s-t didn't start this morning. I'm done. I am sooooo over winter. Stick a fork in it! And all those other analogies.

My time in my studio was spent picking at those wretched chickens again. I told myself that I was going to put it aside at the end of today, go back to it only after a bit of a hiatus. But a few of the collage pieces went funny, as if some water got underneath and bled from the bottom to the surface. It looks horrible. Fixable. But it means another stint in the studio. Aaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhh! Frustrating. Just a frustrating little day. Thank gawd I have my health.

So I will close with Riley playing air guitar. Man, that kid cracks me up!


Brenda said...

Those photos of Riley are soooo cute, hehe. I feel sorry for you in your cold spell, now it is your turn to feel sorry for me in our heatwave - we are expecting 44C tomorrow - that is 111.2F!! Even the air conditioning can't cool us down. Where is that happy medium!!

Beth said...

I've heard more people say, "I've had it" or "I'm done with winter" this year than any other. I wish our views made a difference.
Love Riley's expression - gotta have a squished up face while playing guitar!

Brenda said...

OK, I have revised the forecast, I have sweat running down my body from my head to my feet, my fingers are sweating typing this, send snow, lots of it - it is 47 degrees celsius (117 F), helllpppp? We are in the middle of a heatwave, no relief in sight for a week, it is going to be over 100 degrees every day. Aaaaaghhhh.