Monday, January 5, 2009

So far

It turned out to be quite a creative day here in snowsville. I spent a good few hours with my son making a space city out of cups, boxes and odds and ends. At one point "our" studio looked like this:

Then when he went over to that friend's house (which apparently smelled tolerable today) I got to play with my own paints. I sketched a few quite dreadful sketches, ooh baby, am I ever rusty. Rustier than I realized. But it felt good to just do something, even if they turned out awful. It was almost funny. Then I picked away at my fish again. Yikes! I'm surprsied there's any paper left, but I found some collage elements and once they are on I'll be posting another picture then I'm going to put the damned thing away for awhile because it really has been too long I've been picking away at that. I played alot with my new camera too, learning so much, so quickly. It is an amazing piece of technology. So here's it for today, my truly horrible sketches!

And lest I forget, Day 5, Riley. I was chasing him around with my camera and he was posing like a fashion model. I begged him not to pose, "just look natural," I said and he gave me this look:

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