Friday, January 16, 2009

How To Be A Shmuck

I am a little sleep challenged. I usually go to bed early, staying up to 11:00 is really late for me. And this because my older dog has been getting me up in the night to, well, you know. So it's not unusual for me to get up once, even twice during the night. Every night. The third wake up call is trouble for who ever elicits it. So here's the series of events this morning. Wake up call at midnight, then again at 3:00 a.m. Back in bed, at last but my ears attuned for sounds, like any good mother. 4:45, from the darkness comes:

Riley: Mom?
Me: Yes, Riley?
Riley: (silence)
Me: YES, Riley?
Riley: (silence)
Riley: I love you.

A little later, 2 hours to be exact, I apologize to Riley for yelling. He says, "huh?" and I remind him of the conversation. He literally falls down laughing and says, "Oh, I was asleep!"

ha ha

So I guess it's not unusual that this then happened. We are eating breakfast and I look up, see a bit of daylight breaking. Because I not only obsess about the weather at this time of year, I also obsess about how long or how short the days are, I was curious to see what time the sun was coming up, knowing that the days are lengthening, even if it is only one or two minutes at either end. I look down at my wrist and this is what I see:

In my foggy-headedness this morning I had put both my watches on! Again, Riley fell down laughing. So nice I can provide comic relief in this house. But it was pretty funny.

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Brenda said...

Riley has a good sense of humour like his mum. You poor sleep deprived thing, hehe.