Saturday, January 24, 2009


My little add-on for today. I was trying to get the little picture for CED up on my sidebar this morning - do you think I could do it?! Granted, I only had a limited amount of time to figure this out but I just could not wrap my un-techie brain around the instructions. I'll try again tomorrow since those kind of things rarely go well for me after 8:00 p.m. and tend to gobble up my last bit of sanity. Here's a shot of Riley practically pleading with me to get the camera out of his face. It's only day 24 of this project, I wonder how he will be feeling when it's day 300...

And my creative contribution to today, other than printing up some sheets for collage. It's a new addition to my catalogue of Food Art. Riley requested his breakfast to look like a birthday cake, it seems his birthday is fast approaching and it must be on his mind. It's a waffle with two different kinds of fruit leather for candles. I kind of like this one.

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Brenda said...

A very creative waffle!