Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It was a dark and stormy post

Well, I had a walking nervous break down today. It all started off OK. More or less. The snow storm started early, hammered away all day. It was more or less when I got to my car parked at the train station. I had parked on the street, near the end of some one's driveway. Their snow cleaning service blew all the snow from their driveway onto my car, in front of my car and all down the side, jamming the wheels with pretty hard packed snow. Thank heavens I don't drive a girlie car (no offense to those who do), I just find in this climate, between the snow and ice storms and the potholes, I need something a little more, er, aggressive. And it was thanks to that, that I managed to pull out (not without a lot of effort). Back at the ranch my driveway was partly clear, but it's the back deck that made me cry. I shovelled it twice since I got home at 5:00 and with the wind it's just as bad as it was before shovelling. I need the back doors to open and for the stairs to be accessible because in this weather I can't walk the dogs, thus they must go somewhere and that is out the back. Also, to rub salt in the wound, I have to go to work tomorrow (after being quite sure I had already put in my time this week). I cried again. Riley was up to shenanigans, for which I had no patience. It was also near impossible to snap a photo of him today, he kept making faces and acting out. Finally I managed this one, but at the moment, in the mood I'm in, it really wasn't worth the effort. I am headed upstairs for a bath so I can get into bed early, get up two and a half hours before the sun rises and do today all over again tommorrow. Oh yeah, after all this snow stops falling, sometime tomorrow they promise, we are headed into a deep freeze for an unforseeable amount of time. I gotta get outta here.

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