Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowmageddon Revisited

I gotta tell you that I'm at the end of my rope tonight. It's been snowing since 7:30 this morning. When I went to bed last night the forecast was for 10 cms. (about 5 inches). When I woke up the prediction was closer to 30 cms. (triple the imperial measure). I have to wonder how, with billions of dollars of meteorological equipment, they can misjudge that kind of quantity when it is so close. Honestly, I cruised through the whole day yesterday thinking today would be cake-walk when I could have been obsessing and stressing. In a nutshell, today was a predictably crappy little day. When I got home I was forced to call the company I pay handsomely to clear the snow from my driveway. The conversation (one-sided because their answering machine was on) went something like this, "This is Marge Simpson on 53rd Avenue. You know, the one between 52nd Avenue and 54th Avenue. I'm explaining in detail because you seem to not know where my street is. It's been snowing for the last 10 hours and you haven't come to take even one pass at my driveway. " I removed the expletives. I really did swear on their answering machine. And it felt good. Other than that, I managed to hold my patience until about half an hour ago. And then it wasn't pretty. I'm going to try to slap myself into a better mood for tomorrow.

Yesterday, on the never-ending quest for the perfect band-aid:

Tonight, being patient with me, after telling me a number of times, "Mom, you're not supposed to say that word!"

And one of my dogs, on the back deck, getting away from my bad mood, in mid-flake. She thought her odds were better outside than they were inside, with me:


Beth said...

If it's any comfort, you are not alone. The guys that plow my driveway have yet to show up. I could scream. Instead, I am heading for bed with a good book.
And, yeah, 5-10 cm. is not even close to what we've had!

Cheryl said...

The best is...your office closes early because it's REALLY bad out. You get to the Metro, which, if you remember correctly, is's down!!!

Brenda said...

OK, breathe, in and out, in and out - have you done your yoga lately? OK, things will get better, it can't snow forever (can it?), you have got to move near me, I'm telling you, you can swelter with me in 46 Celsius temperatures, have sweat dripping down your body, have your garden fry to a crisp, watch everything die in front of you (mind you snow probably does that too). Spring is coming for you, autumn is coming for me, life will get better.