Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yesterday Riley and I met up with some of his friends at the mega mall to see the Easter animals. We usually go to our local small mall and I kind of missed not going there this year but in comparison to what we saw, our usual lot is a bit of a scruffy bunch. And there was always this very old, very randy pony. I was beginning to wonder what I would say to Riley if he asked about it, but I guess this year I don't have to worry about that. Here are a few shots - this other mall had a lovely pony with braids in its hair:

And there were a couple of pigs, one of which looked like he was half vulcan:

The requisite ugly turkey (with all due respect to turkeys):

The Easter bunny, storing up his energy for his big night tonight:

The surreal peacock:

And an alpaca (at least I don't think it's a llama as they are usually taller) with a really nasty eye booger:
Lastly, a camera-toting 6-year old with rabbit ears doing the classic "taking a picture of you taking a picture of me":

The previous night I had been up five times - three with my dog and twice with Riley so when he got up at 5:30, raring to go, I wept that I really needed more rest so he played quietly until 7:00. Once I was up, he insisted on going out in the yard to do my chores for me. He started raking and tidying up the yard. For all the gears he has cranked this last week, he turns around and does something so thoughtful it brings me to tears (never mind I have to go and clean up after he's cleaned up). Not much of a fashion plate, but who's looking so early on a Saturday morning?

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Beth said...

What a fine looking bunch of animals! Reminds me of the time we visited the Royal Winter Fair. We had to leave the pig area - my middle son (such a city boy) was gagging at their smell...
Love Riley's yard chores get-up!