Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Five Minutes

It was a clock-watching day today at work. *sigh* But the irony is that Riley, who is just beginning to grasp the concept of time said to me this morning, "Five minutes isn't very long, is it?" Whereas time seemed to pass in very slow five minute increments for me today.

This comes from yesterday at the park when I told him, "Five more minutes and we're leaving," and he didn't seem to mind, until the five minutes was up. And again this morning after he had finished up his breakfast and brushed his teeth quickly with no nagging. I told him, "You have five minutes to play before we have to leave". After about four of those minutes, I found him lounging and watching television, it was then he said, "Five minutes isn't very long, is it?"

It's all relative. Five minutes when you're waiting for news can be very long. Five minutes when you're having a good time isn't long at all.


oreneta said...

My kids used to ask me if I meant five long minutes or five short minutes. I was never all that consistent with the five. A sign of things to come.

Beth said...

Coincidence. Just yesterday I was in a situation where I was watching the clock – and not for five minutes but for half an hour. It was excruciatingly slow.
Wishing us both a day where time passes with pleasure – and we don’t even notice that clock ticking!