Monday, April 27, 2009

Have You Ever Done This?

I went shopping this morning for sun hats/baseball caps for Riley because it seems his head has grown extraordinarily since last summer. Instead I found two pairs of pants for ME. My theory is if you find something that f-i-t-s, you buy another one in a different color. I had been looking for some beige chino-khaki style pants that I could wear to work and for something casual. I hate to say this because I know it's not something a woman can complain about without considerable backlash, but I have no ass. Basically, my back ends. Period. So anything that fits my waist swims in the rear. But lordy, lordy, Sports Experts had this nice pair of "travel" pants made by Lole and damned if they didn't look great on me. They stretch. They wick. They pack down so flat and hardly wrinkle. And they look quite presentable. They were also not cheap. So with all that, I also bought the black pair.


Snap said...

Oh, yes... out to buy a certain something and come back with something else. The way of shopping. If it fits, get it! You go!

Beth said...

Do I ever buy for myself when shopping for someone else or buy two of something I like in the same colour? Both!

sherry lee said...

It is so rare that I find something that fits "perfectly" that I'd be crazy not to buy more than one! I loathe trying on hips are bigger than my waist (which they are supposed to be, duh, I mean significantly!) so that what fits in the hips gapes in the waist...glad you found something perfecto!