Sunday, April 26, 2009

Garden Manoeuvers

Well, today the universe didn't throw me any of its spare change. I did get a laugh this morning when Riley was running around trying to balance as many markers as possible all lined up together. It was quite funny, but then again, maybe you had to be there:

And after much dithering, I got to the garden to do some raking and finally see how my fall/winter compost had done. I got a nice load, although it always seems like a tiny amount (considering what went in there) when you try to spread it on the ground. I had only a small pile of stuff that didn't break down, mostly some of the larger branches and roots I had thrown in. All last summer it seemed I had too much green material (which makes it kind of wet and smelly) but the fall and winter it seemed that I had too much brown material. It's all a fine balance, I'm told. But last fall I kept all my raked leaves so I will have plenty of brown to add to my abundant green this season. I'm even thinking of getting a second bin to fill while bin number 1 does it's work. Amongst the stuff that didn't break down was this little cherry tomato, which I found kind of odd.
It is a mere shell of its former self and I'm kind of glad I didn't try to eat it last season because that must be one tough skin.


sherry lee said...

lmbo at that cherry tomato!! You're right -- imagine trying to digest a skin like that!!!

Love Riley with the marker stack...happy memories of my boys when they were that age. Enjoy every moment...I'm sure you are!

Beth said...

Even though you didn't find any spare change yesterday, perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket. Maybe the world is sending you a message!
Here - composting = raccoons = torn up lawn. I've tried!

Snap said...

Enjoyed Riley and his juggling show! To compost or not to compost ... that is the question! =) And, do I add earthworms or not!!!! I love finding a worm when I *turn the earth*. I agree with Beth, buy a lottery ticket and then share with us! ;)